Diane Dykes

Jacksonville State University where she studied for her real estate license.

Pledge to Clients:

My pledge is to establish lasting relationships with my clients by exceeding their expectations.  I will do this by gaining their trust through exceptional performance, listening to them in order to understand their needs, assisting them to make informed choices and decisions, and working diligently to meet those needs.

Professional Experience:

Diane has spent over thirty four years of her career in state government. She began her career at the Department of Human Resources working in helping to locate missing parents and handling the collection of child support.  After 17 years in that arena, she transferred to the Department of Public Safety where she gave driver license tests.  It was during the three years doing driver license testing that she won her most prized award.  Diane was awarded the Individual of the Year Award in Marshall County for her work with learning disabled teens who were struggling to pass the written portion of the driver license test. Having raised a child to self-sufficiency even with a learning disability makes this award personal for her and she strives to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be successful.  For the past 14 years, Diane has working with the Department of Transportation inspecting the work of contractors to assure that the work is performed with the best quality and according to set standards and specifications.   

Outside Interests:

Spending time with family and friends, learning new things, and traveling.

Personal Information:

Diane loves to serve.  That is the area in which God has gifted her to the fullest.  Diane has two grown children, Robert and Kristy Brown, who are the lights of her life.  She has been happily married to her sweetheart, Barry, since February of 2000 and considers him to be her biggest cheerleader.